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Do you remember the problems of forgetting your wallet at home? Having to turn around and go back for her was the most common. We talked in the past because now, thanks to technological advances, this is from another era.

At present, it is enough to take our mobile phone with us to be able to get money from the cashier, without a physical card, in an easy, fast and totally secure way. And not only us. We also have the possibility to send money to a family member or friend and to pick it up at an ATM, without having to be present. How? Very easy. If you are a client of the Good Lender Group, it will take less than half a minute from rural mobile to send money to the ATM with the Good Finance – Mobile Money service.

This is how Good Finance works – Mobile Money

This is how Good Finance works - Mobile Money

With Good Finance – Mobile Money, you can send money to whoever you want, including yourself, from your rural road session, and withdraw it from the cashier without having to use the card. You just have to enter the amount – the minimum is 20 euros and the maximum € 600 – and the recipient’s phone number.

At that same moment, the Good Finance service will send an SMS to the recipient’s phone, with a six-position password that you will have to use to withdraw cash at the ATM. Of course, it must be at one of the ATMs where this option exists. But do not worry, within your session in ruralvia, on the mobile, you will have the option to consult the nearest available cashier.

When the recipient withdraws the money from the cashier

When the recipient withdraws the money from the cashier

The payer will be informed as well. How? You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone where you will be informed of the operation.

The Good Finance – Mobile Money service is completely free, both for the recipient of the money and for the issuer. Simplicity and speed are two of the main features of its operation. And, in addition, it can be used both from the web and from the mobile, accessing the Good Finance operation.

Mobilevia mobile, the electronic banking of the Good Lender Group

If you are a client of the Good Lender Group and you still don’t have your application on your mobile, download it! It is an easy and intuitive app. Thanks to ruralvia mobile, you can check the status of your accounts and the movements made, even by choosing which ones you want to see or filtering by specific dates.

In a matter of minutes and at a click, you can:

  • Make transfers at any time and time.
  • Take out or send money through the Good Finance service – Mobile Money.
  • Manage your credit and debit cards.
  • Check all receipts, even cancel your payment directly from the app.
  • Check the status of your actions, execute purchase orders or sale of titles instantly.
  • Have a fluid communication with your bank without having to receive postal mail, through the virtual mailbox.

The safety of our customers is one of our priorities

The safety of our customers is one of our priorities

Goodbank ​​has the most advanced protection and SSL protocol systems, so that the information requested to identify the client, as well as the information related to their financial products, travel 100% securely.

Carrying your financial institution always with you, available 365 days, 24 hours a day, is as simple as downloading the mobile ruralway app. This application is available, free of charge, for both Android and iOS. Do not think about it and download it to start enjoying all its advantages!


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