Her work with clients helped her find her voice. Meet Taylor.


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Simplified: Taylor Gjertson admits she hasn’t always been the best at communicating with others. But her work at Silverstar Car Wash helped her develop those skills and learn that it’s okay to ask for help.

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  • Gjertson, 26, started as a cashier at Silverstar’s 69th Street and Louise Avenue in September after quitting a retail job she wished she had left sooner. Already she was promoted as cashier, and she hopes to continue to advance her career within the company.
  • As a cashier, one of the skills she has developed the most talks to customers and helps them when they need it. It was in this work that she said she became more and more comfortable recognizing when she too needed help and asking for it.
  • She said she liked how different Silverstar was from her previous job at a large grocery store. She feels more camaraderie with her colleagues and she sees that Silverstar is committed to the training and development of its employees.

“It’s one of those jobs where when they say you can progress quickly, you can actually progress quickly if you work,” Gjertson said.

Q&A: Meet Taylor Gjertson

This segment has been edited and shortened for clarity. The answers all come from Gjertson.

Tell me a little more about yourself. What do you do outside of work? I was born and raised in Tea and now live in Harrisburg. I enjoy spending time with my nephews in the summer and I enjoy playing disc golf.

What makes you good at your job? I became very comfortable with billing inquiries – customers calling with questions – and I got a lot better on the phone, helping customers with problems. This is to ensure that the customer leaves satisfied.

What makes Silverstar unique as an employer? It is practical work. We have a lot of team meetings, so it’s more like a family. You don’t work alone, you always work as a team.

What is it about Silverstar that you think most customers don’t know? We solve all the problems that arise with the washing. We don’t call anyone to come and fix it, so we learn a lot of new things.

What’s next for you? My next goal is to become an assistant manager.

Learn more about Silver Star

Silverstar has 10 locations — with another in the works — in Sioux Falls. You can find out more about their unlimited washing program hereand if you’re looking to work with people like Taylor, find jobs here.


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