I quit my job and now I regret it – can I go back?


Three months ago I quit my job for greener pastures, but now I have buyers’ remorse and regret leaving the company. My old position has not yet been filled by my former employer and I left on good terms. Do you think it’s bad form to reach out to my old boss and ask him to come back to the company?

You are not alone. Recent surveys show that the Great Resignation is turning into the Great Regret, with many people who quit their jobs last year for more money saying they were unhappy with their decision. Most also said they would quit their current job even if they had only been there a few months for a better opportunity. Companies are spending money to attract talent, but it’s hard to get a feel for a new job, a new company and a new culture when it’s done remotely. And money only buys happiness at work, and only for a short time if all the rest of the work makes you unhappy. Call your boss. Tell them you want to come back. You have nothing to lose and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Is it useful to include written references when applying for a job, or do I just have to indicate that they are available on request on the CV?

I don’t know of any employer who is relieved to read on the CV that references are available upon request. As if that had never been in doubt? So don’t waste the line on the resume when it could be used for something more illuminating about you and your experience. As for submitting written references, that process ended when applying to college, my friend. Providing written references in an employment context is highly unusual and rarely helpful at any point in the job search process. Prospective employers will want to speak to references. The only exception may be if the reference is from a famous person who is not going to phone an employer. And even then, usually only for early career jobs.

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