Jamshedpur: Third bridge will not solve traffic problems in Mango, says Saryu


JamsHedpur, April 24: Independent MP for Jamshedpur East Saryu Rai claimed that traffic problems in Mango would not be reduced by constructing a third bridge near two bridges.

The former minister described the idea as impractical from a technical, financial and traffic point of view.

“Neither Tata Steel nor the Jharkhand government’s road construction department has made a decision on this. If an engineer or officer has started an investigation for this, taken a soil sample and applied for a NOC from Tata Steel, his technical knowledge and administrative experience is questionable. Such a move may be a model of political thinking driven by self-interest, but may not be technically and financially appropriate and practical,” a statement issued by the former BJP leader asserted.

The chief suggested that the government should resume stalled construction works of flyover and road from Anna Chowk to Govindpur, construct bridge and road from Litti Chowk to NH-33 on Swarnrekha via DPS, connect with Old Purulia Road by constructing a bridge over the river in front of Jamshedpur Circuit House and increasing the width of the existing bridge.

According to MP Saryu Rai, if someone has a political stubbornness to build a third bridge, then my advice is that he should drop that stubbornness, otherwise there will be suffocation. The state will be defamed separately and the money will also be wasted. The complacency of such political stubbornness can also be done by breaking the old thin bridge and building a new wide bridge in its place. But no balanced mind can think of reducing the burden of mango traffic by building a third bridge here and the one above can never advocate such distorted thinking.


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