Samantha Ruth Prabhu on the hunt for female directors



Samantha seems ready to resume her acting career. She took a brief layoff before announcing the split from Naga Chaitanya and now she has lined up some pan-Indian projects.

In her last interaction with a media house, Samantha Ruth Prabhu stressed the importance of more and more women entering the film industry.

“For my part, I am always ready to collaborate with female directors. My ambition is for women to get their due in the cinema and for more women to be part of the film industry. I would like to empower talented screenwriters and directors by working with them, ”she says.

Her entire career Samantha has worked with male directors and now seems interested in working with female directors. Notably, she had recently worked with Nandini Reddy for Oh Baby.

The seasoned actress says she is playing her dream role in Shakuntalam. “I’ve always dreamed of playing a princess on screen and I achieve the same with Shakuntalam as I play Princess Shakuntala,” she said.

Naga Chaitanya’s immediate next project is a bilingual project that will be led by director duo Hari and Harish. The film is likely to hit floors this month.

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